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  • When I was driving on the road, I sometimes heard an abnormal sound from the car's brake system. Today, let's take you to know what message your brake pads are sending when they make a strange noise.


  • The safety performance of cars is increasingly concerned by people. A car is also equipped with more and more brake auxiliary systems to improve the safety in driving. The two most basic components of the brake system - brake disc and brake pad are the key to the vehicle braking. Today, we will talk about the brake pads specially to protect the safe driving of your car.


  • The brake pad is one of the most critical safety parts of the automobile, which plays a decisive role in the braking effect and ensures our driving safety. Different brake pads have different formulations and processes, which will affect their prices. Are brake pads really as expensive as possible?


  • After driving a new car for tens of thousands of kilometers, many car owners will feel that the braking feeling is somewhat different from that of the new car. When encountering this problem, the old driver will say: "this is because your brake oil is flooded, resulting in a soft feeling when you step on the brake pedal, just like stepping on cotton."