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  • It was first used on brake pads to improve the strength. Because of its low price and certain high temperature resistance, it is widely used. However, asbestos materials have been confirmed by the medical profession to be carcinogens and are now banned.


  • There is no fixed cycle for the replacement of brake pads. If you go to a 4S shop for maintenance, the staff will say that the brake pads should be replaced this time without checking, which is extremely irresponsible. Only the oil and filter elements on the car have a fixed replacement cycle, and all other items must be inspected to determine whether they need to be replaced.


  • Abnormal noise occurs when the brake is pressed, even when the car is new. In the face of the harsh noise, on the one hand, I am worried about the safety of braking, on the other hand, it also affects the comfort of the car. Then the brake makes a strange noise. What is the reason?


  • I believe everyone has heard that "driving well is not as good as braking". It is true that braking is not only a test of people's driving ability in an emergency, but also very important in ordinary times. We will see that some people use the brake very quickly and smoothly, while others will brake hard and hard, and the driving experience is more than a little different.


  • Nowadays, the safety performance of vehicles is increasingly concerned by people. A vehicle is also equipped with more and more brake assist systems to improve the safety in driving. The two most basic components of the brake system - brake disc and brake pad are the key to the vehicle braking. Today, let's talk about the brake pads to help you drive your car safely.


  • In our daily driving, the brake, as an important part of the vehicle, is directly related to our driving safety, and is a non-negligible part of the whole vehicle. The brake system is currently divided into two modes, one is the disc brake, and the other is the drum brake. The disc brake is mainly used in passenger cars, while the drum brake is widely used in large trucks or passenger cars, including some old models. It is also used for drum brake. Which of the two kinds of brakes is better, the disc brake or the drum brake? This issue is also believed to be the most controversial topic in recent years. Let's learn about it.