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Two-day Trip to Longkong Cave in Longyan and Guanzhai Moutain in Liancheng.


All of the Yusin employees went to the Guanzhai Cave in the morning on 18th November. It costed around 4 hours to get there. There is a lot of natural scene and fresh air on the road, with the interdependence of mountain and water. After arriving at the destination at noon, everyone went to the restaurant to enjoy the local flavor lunch, and then started the tour of Guanzhai Mountain.

Guanzhai Mountain is a mountain of justice, integrating blue water and red mountains, forest caves, eco-tourism and sports exploration. It is known as "the most masculine in the world" and "the softest in the world". Take a boat tour of Shimen Lake embedded in green mountains and waters. Looking around, the water and grass are abundant, the forest is overgrown, and surrounded by verdant green, all things are vibrant. Feeling the natural atmosphere makes people feel very relaxed. While enjoying the beautiful natural scenery, everyone also takes photos to commemorate each other, enhancing their emotions. In the evening, after enjoying dinner, everyone went to the hotel to check in.

The next day, everyone visited the National 4A Scenic Area and Longyan National Forest Park - Longkong Cave Scenic Area, which is known as "Guilin in the Cave" and "the first cave in East China". It has rich mountain and forest landscapes and complex and unique karst landforms. The space inside the cave is spacious, with a journey of over 3000 meters. At the same time, high-tech methods are used inside the cave to perfectly integrate lighting, atomization, sound control, and other elements into the original cave landscape. The entire tour process is full of fun and mystery, making people immersive.

After the tour, everyone went back to Xiamen by bus, ending this pleasant trip.

The two-day joyful trip, although feeling a bit tired, was very enjoyable. Through this activity, everyone has had closer contact with nature, relaxed their body and mind, alleviated the pressure brought by work and life, and strengthened the relationship between colleagues.

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