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Why Should the Brake be Serviced Every 20000 km?

• The brake system is exposed to the outside for a long time, which will inevitably produce dirt and rust;
• Under the working condition of high speed and high temperature, all parts of the system are easy to be sintered and corroded;
• Long term use will cause problems such as poor heat dissipation of the system, abnormal brake noise, seizure, and difficulty in tire removal.

Necessity of brake maintenance

• Brake oil has strong water absorption. When a new car runs for a year, the brake oil will suck in about 2% of water, and the water content can reach 3% after 18 months. This water is enough to reduce the boiling point of the brake by 25%. The lower the boiling point of the brake oil, the easier it is to generate bubbles, forming air resistance, causing brake failure or even failure.
• According to the statistics of the traffic management department, 80% of the brake failures in accidents are caused by excessive brake oil moisture and failure to maintain the brake system regularly.
• At the same time, the brake system is greatly affected by the working environment. Once there is a problem, the car is like a runaway wild horse. It is particularly important to clean the attachments and sludge on the surface of the brake system, strengthen the lubrication of the wheel cylinder and guide pin, and eliminate the brake abnormal noise to ensure the safety of driving.

Benefits of brake maintenance

1. Have the best control environment at any time;
2. Improve the braking effect, make the brake of your car more accurate, and improve the driving experience;
3. It is a good investment to prolong the service life of the brake system and save a lot of money;
4. Avoid expanding losses, which is the greatest benefit of maintenance and inspection;
5. The most important purpose is to improve driving safety and reduce traffic accidents.