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The Brake Pads Make a Strange Noise? Why?

The brake pads make a strange noise. In fact, they want to tell you this information!

The car equipped with ABS will make a "cluck" sound in case of emergency braking, which is a normal phenomenon, and may also be accompanied by the brake pedal vibration. In the future, you just need to be as stable as an old dog.

"Sobbing" sound
There is a whine sound just after the rain or after washing the car. That is because the brake disc and brake pads are affected with moisture, and the brake makes a vibrating whine sound at low speed. Wait until the water dries up. There is a "whine" sound when reversing. That is because the friction pattern is wrong, so there is an abnormal noise. This kind of problem only occurs at low speed, and has little impact. The solution is to rub more times.
"Silky" sound
There are many reasons for the "silk sound". First, there may be a foreign object between the brake pad and the brake disc. After the foreign object is removed, it will return to normal. The second case: the brake shaft is poorly lubricated, which causes the caliper to return abnormally. The protective patch in the brake disc is too close to the brake disc, so there will be abnormal noise during driving. The solution is to break the protective patch in the brake disc when removing the lubricating shaft. The third case: the brake pad or brake disc has just been replaced, and now it needs to be worn in between the two, so it will be fine if the two fit for a while!
After splashing, there will be rust between the brake pads and the brake discs, which will cause abnormal noise. Taking the car out for a stroll will be finished.
A piercing scream
The car brake pad is a gadget that screams when it doesn't agree with each other. When the brake pad is almost used up, it will squeal. The new brake pad can't completely match the friction groove of the old brake pad. It also squeals when the brake pad and the brake disc have a "disharmony of temperament". It also squeals when the metal substance invades the brake pad due to the instantaneous quenching of the brake disc. The solution is to suit the remedy to the case. If you really feel uncomfortable, replace it with a new one. Don't leave any security risks.
Other abnormal noises

1. The contact surface is not enough, and the pressure of brake pad per unit area increases, causing abnormal noise.
2. The booster pump is short of oil, causing abnormal noise due to excessive friction.
3. The friction between the brake pad and the brake disc is not in place, and the contact is incomplete, causing abnormal noise. In this case, check whether there are foreign matters in the caliper, guide pin, wheel cylinder and other positions of the car that affect the normal use of the brake pads.
The brake pad is a very important part. Although it is small in size and seldom seen on ordinary trips, it determines whether we can go home again every time we drive out. If you find that the brake makes a strange noise while using the car, the simplest way is to go to the repair shop immediately and ask a professional technician. There are thousands of roads, safety first. The brake pads are bad. I can't even go home! Take the news contained in the abnormal noise of brake pads seriously, and the driver friends should be responsible for themselves!