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Brake failure can be large or small. What signs are there before it happens?

"According to the survey, more than 30% of the annual automobile traffic accidents in the country are caused by brake failure. When the car is running at high speed, once the brake fails, the consequences are very fatal. If you are not careful, you will have a rear end collision or slide down the slope because you cannot brake.

Come on, let's have a look at the signs of brake failure. "

"No.1 brake trembles
When our car has been used for a long time, the flatness of its brake disc will be reduced, mainly because you will feel obvious shaking when braking. At this time, you should be very careful. You'd better not continue to use it to avoid brake failure and serious consequences. In this case, it's better to drive your car to the 4S store to polish the brake disc or replace the brake disc directly. However, if the brake pedal shakes during the emergency braking, this is normal. Because the emergency braking will trigger the ABS system, which will help you stop the car by braking, so you don't need to be too nervous in this case. "

"No.2 brake becomes hard or soft
When you step on the brake pedal, it is obviously hard, high and hard. It is difficult for the vehicle to start or travel. Then it may be that the one-way valve in the vacuum reservoir of the brake booster system is broken. This is not too serious. Just replace the parts.
However, if the brake pedal becomes soft when braking, it is a big problem. You must not continue to drive the vehicle. There are usually three reasons for brake softening: 1. The oil pressure of the slave cylinder or master cylinder may be insufficient (oil leakage); 2. It is also possible that the brake disc pump or brake pad has failed; 3. Or it may be that the brake pipe leaks air (if you step on the brake several times, the brake will be higher and more elastic, which means that the air enters). In this case, it is better to conduct a comprehensive inspection and replace the parts before continuing to drive the vehicle. "

"No. 3 brake is weak
A weak brake is likely due to the loss of pressure in the transmission line that provides the pressure. In this case, don't think too much about it. It's hard for us to solve it ourselves. We'd better drive your car directly to the 4S store for maintenance, otherwise the consequences will be quite serious. "

No.4 brake offset

The brake offset is also called "eccentric braking", which is caused by the uneven force exerted on the brake pads by the left and right wheel cylinders of the brake system. The difference is most obvious when the vehicle stops quickly. The wheel on the fast side will stop first, and the steering wheel will deflect. In such case, the slave cylinder shall be replaced in time. To avoid major traffic accidents. "

"No. 5 brake does not return
In the process of driving, if the brake pedal does not rise without resistance when stepping on the brake pedal, it is necessary to judge whether the brake fluid is missing, whether the brake wheel cylinder, pipeline and connector are leaking, and whether the master cylinder and slave cylinder parts are damaged. At this time, do not go on the road. It is better to call a rescue phone, otherwise there may be a danger of vehicle destruction and human death. The owner can consider cleaning the slave cylinder or replacing the caliper. "

"No.6 brake makes abnormal noise
When it comes to the comfort of the car, the first thing we think of is the abnormal brake noise, because it is one of the most common problems that affect the comfort of the car. Whether a new car is on the road or a vehicle has driven tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of kilometers, the problem of abnormal brake noise may occur at any time, especially the sharp "squeak" sound is the most unbearable. The 4S store often checks and is told that it is not a fault. The abnormal noise will gradually disappear with use, and no additional repair is required.
Indeed, the abnormal noise of the brake is not all a fault, but may also be related to the use environment, use habits and the quality of the brake pad itself, which does not affect the braking performance; Of course, abnormal noise may also mean that the wear of brake pads is close to the limit. The brake pads shall be replaced in time to prevent accidents. "
As a wife, the daily maintenance of a car is particularly important, especially the brake maintenance. It also reminds the car owners that brake failure is not a trivial matter. Don't underestimate it or ignore it, or you will be at your own risk!