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Owner: The brake pad replacement worker used an angle grinder to grind the brake pads. Did he run into a black shop?

Every time the oil of the brake pads is changed, the repairman will go to check them. Because everyone's driving habits and driving routes are different, the wear of the brake pads will vary greatly. I have met an owner who often runs at high speed. I have driven 10W km since I bought the car more than 2 years ago, and the front wheel brake pads can be used for at least 5W km by visual inspection.
For a car with a mileage of more than 100000 yuan, it is easy to make a noise when the brake pads are replaced. Some cars make a noise when they do not brake. Why?

For example, today's car has a mileage of 15W km. Pay attention when replacing the brake pads. The brake discs are usually worn deeply, and there will be a step at the edge of the inner and outer rings of the brake discs. Because the outer ring of the brake pad and brake disc does not coincide, there will be a distance of 1mm.

If you directly install the brake pads, there may be two problems. One is that the edge of the brake pads will contact the steps of the inner and outer rings of the brake disc, making a scratching noise. The other is that you should pay more attention to this problem when you buy the brake pads with the brand name of the deputy manufacturer. You once met an unknown brake pad purchased in the auto parts city, and it was hard to brake the car after you installed it. When you removed it, the brake pads were too wide, and the two sides of the pads were directly pressed on the brake pad steps, There is no contact between them. Of course, they can't stop.
The following figure shows the polished brake pads, both inside and outside should be polished into bevels.

So when installing the brake pads, polish the brake pads according to the wear of the brake discs and the height of the steps. Our auto repair technician found that the disc was worn too deeply when replacing the brake pads. He took the brake pads to the front of the store and polished them with an angle grinder. The owner looked surprised. Afterwards, the owner said that he thought we had deliberately worn them thin, shortening the replacement mileage.
Some people will say that after driving tens of thousands of kilometers, they will still rub against the steps of the brake disc, indeed, but there will be no noise of rubbing.