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The brake makes a strange noise. Don't be nervous. These are not the problems with the brake pads at all


A car owner left a message saying that he had just changed the brake pads, when he stepped on the brakes, there would be a sharp abnormal noise. What's the matter? Is there a problem with the brake pads?

In fact, there are many causes of brake abnormal noises. Not every abnormal noise represents a problem with the brake system. Some abnormal noises are caused by weather, temperature or normal wear and tear, not by faults. We need to analyze specific problems, not generalize. Today, I will list the brake "false" abnormal noises that are normal phenomena!

1. The new car makes a strange noise when step on the brake

If the new car just bought has abnormal brake noise, this situation is generally normal. Because the new car is still in the running in period, the brake pads and brake discs have not been fully run in, so sometimes there will be some slight friction noise. As long as we drive for a while, the abnormal noise will naturally disappear.

2. The new brake pads make a strange noise

After a new brake pad is replaced, abnormal noises may occur due to uneven friction between the two ends of the brake pad and the brake disc. Therefore, when replacing a new brake pad, we can first polish the corners of the two ends of the brake pad to ensure that the brake pad will not be scratched to the raised parts of the two ends of the brake disc, so that they will be harmonious and will not produce abnormal noises. If it doesn't work, you need to use the brake disc repair machine to polish and repair the brake disc to solve this problem.

3. There is an abnormal noise when starting after a rainy day

As we all know, the main material of most brake discs is iron, and the whole brake disc is exposed. Therefore, after rain or washing the car, we will find the brake disc is rusty. When the car is started again, it will make an abnormal sound of "beng". In fact, the brake disc and brake pad are stuck together because of rust. Generally, after going on the road, step on a few brakes to remove the rust on the brake disc.

4. The brake makes an abnormal noise when entering the sand

As mentioned above, the brake pads are exposed to the air, so it is inevitable that some "minor conditions" will occur due to changes in environmental conditions. If some foreign matters, such as sand or pebbles, are accidentally run between the brake pad and the brake disc when driving, the brake will also make a harsh hissing sound. Similarly, we need not panic when hearing this sound. As long as we continue to drive normally, the sand and gravel will fall out by themselves, and the abnormal sound will disappear.

5. The emergency brake makes an abnormal noise

When we brake hard, if we hear the clattering sound of the brake and feel that the brake pedal will send a continuous vibration, many people worry about whether there is any hidden danger in the brake due to the sudden braking. In fact, this is just a normal phenomenon when ABS starts. Don't panic. In the future, pay more attention to driving carefully.

The above are the common brake false "abnormal noises" encountered in daily use, which are relatively simple to solve. Generally, they will disappear after several deep steps on the brake or driving days. However, it should be noted that if you find that the abnormal noise of the brake continues, and if you can't solve it even by stepping on the brake deeply, you need to go back to the 4S store in time to check. After all, the brake is the most important barrier for car safety, and you should not be careless.