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What Should we do if we Suddenly Brake at a High Speed?


As we all know, cars drive faster on high speed, which is full of danger. Then, what would you do if the car in front suddenly braked suddenly on the highway?

When the car in front stops suddenly, there are only two dilemmas left for the driver behind:

1. Braking deceleration may lead to rear end collision or flattening

2. Steer sharply to avoid the danger of overturning

What on earth can we do to save the day?
1. When the car in front suddenly stops suddenly, the first thing to do is to keep the car behind us calm.
2. The second is to brake first to remind the car behind to slow down to avoid collision.
3. Finally, turn the turn signal quickly to remind the car behind you that you need to change lanes. Subject 1 requires that you turn the signal for at least 3 seconds before changing lanes. In an emergency, you can not be constrained by this. Look at the rearview mirror quickly. After confirming that there is no car in the right lane, change lanes quickly and decisively.
These three movements need to be completed in a very short time, so they should be consistent, fast and best done in one go.

Maybe some people will say how can this be done? When danger comes, people can really exert great potential. In addition, we should pay more attention and practice when driving. This is also the difference between novices and veterans.

Real old drivers can react quickly and timely according to the driving environment.

Of course, the best way to avoid sudden braking at high speed is to keep enough distance between cars, so that no matter what happens, there is enough time to react, maybe 1-2 seconds, and you can live.

When driving normally, try not to be in front of or next to the truck, and always be in a clear vision state.

In addition, when an accident occurs on the highway, you must hold the steering wheel tightly, try to control the car and take other measures. Never hit the steering wheel! If you turn the steering wheel quickly on the highway, 90% of the accidents are serious accidents. Rollover and loss of control are caused by turning the steering wheel quickly.

Those who are skilled are novices, and those who know how to predict and be flexible are experienced. Only when they are familiar with the driving environment, improve their driving skills and concentrate, can they drive safely.