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Several Main Causes of Brake Pad Noise

The main causes of brake pad noise are:
The first reason is the quality of brake pads

Many car owners mentioned that the noise will affect the driving mood when the brake is not used for a long time after replacing the new disc! After a long time of running-in, the noise has been accompanied, and the maintenance technician can not eliminate the brake noise while grinding the feet, and the disc engagement surface is completely stable without any adverse phenomenon! This is directly related to the brake pads. No further processing and running-in is required. Only by replacing high-quality brake pads can the noise be eliminated!

The wear of the brake pads has left the solid frame
This is the result of drivers who do not understand the vehicle condition.

Excessive wear of brake disc
When the brake disc is excessively worn, it will have unequal friction with the brake pad production, and there will be noise naturally. There will be standard limit marks on the brake disc. If the brake disc exceeds the standard, it must be replaced and the disc cannot be used. This will have a safety hazard!
The brake wheel cylinder is rusted
The brake caliper return pin is rusty and stuck, which causes the brake pad to wear and make noise.
The brake master cylinder returns slowly
The piston is deformed, the brake fluid is used for too long, and the oil seal is damaged.

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