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Will Drum Brakes be Eliminated? The Answer is Obvious.

In our daily driving, the brake, as an important part of the vehicle, is directly related to our driving safety, and is a non-negligible part of the whole vehicle. The brake system is currently divided into two modes, one is the disc brake, and the other is the drum brake. The disc brake is mainly used in passenger cars, while the drum brake is widely used in large trucks or passenger cars, including some old models. It is also used for drum brake. Which of the two kinds of brakes is better, the disc brake or the drum brake? This issue is also believed to be the most controversial topic in recent years. Let's learn about it.

First of all, let's talk about the most controversial drum brake. The drum brake is in a closed space as a whole. The static brake pads in the brake drum are used to rub the brake drum that rotates with the wheels through the injection of brake oil to slow down the car. Because of its large friction area, the braking force is also large. In some large trucks and buses, the frequency of use will be higher. However, the heat dissipation performance of the drum brake will be poor. After all, it is in a closed space. At the same time, the rust stains in the brake drum can not be discharged anywhere, so it can only be accumulated and cleaned regularly. Especially in high-speed driving, the heat dissipation of the brake is poor, and it is easy to accumulate heat to cause heat exhaustion of the brake, resulting in weakening of the braking force, so there is a hidden danger of brake failure.

The advantages of the disc brake will be obvious. At present, it has been widely used in household cars and performance cars. It has the characteristics of fast heat dissipation, light weight, fast braking and convenient adjustment. Most of the brake discs are made of steel, while some performance cars and supercars will use all-carbon or ceramic materials. Because its heat dissipation is very fast, it has obvious advantages in the continuous braking process.
The brake pad and the brake disc are in plane contact, and the braking is fast, which is very suitable for frequent braking.

In the past, drum brake had a better braking effect because the brake area of drum brake was larger than that of disc brake. However, with the development of automobile technology, disc brake has no such problem. Most vehicles on the market use disc brakes. Only some low-profile vehicles continue to use drum brakes on the rear wheels, but only to save costs. With the further reduction of disc brake costs, these drum brakes are believed to gradually disappear.

For our family cars, the brake effect of the disc brake is better. Large vehicles like buses need greater brake effect, and the drum brake will be more suitable. As the most basic and important guarantee for perfect driving safety, the brake of the vehicle needs to be checked regularly. After all, life is not a joke. It is for the safety of ourselves and others.